Step 5 | Attaching Your Photo ID

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Attaching Your Photo ID

As you go through the contract, you will find a section that requires you to provide proof that you meet the minimum age requirement of 19 years as per regulatory requirements. 

Acceptable forms of identification include; 

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Government Issued Photo Identification


METHOD 1 - SCAN & ATTACH (Recommended)

Before you attach your document, you will need to scan or take a good quality photo of your identification and save it to your computer. Make sure that the scan or picture is clear and that all text is in focus and can be clearly read. Once you have scanned or taken a picture of your identification, click the “attach” button, which is the icon with an arrow pointing down towards a paperclip as shown here; 

 A pop-up window will open. Select “Upload” then click “Continue”;

Click “Upload A File”, then find and select your scanned document or picture on your computer and then click “Choose” and then after the upload is complete, click “Done”. 




If you would prefer to send a copy of your identification document by fax, you can do this by clicking the “attach” button, which is the icon with an arrow pointing down towards a paperclip as shown here;

Then select the "fax" option and click "continue";

 You will then see the following message. Click "OK"; 

IMPORTANT: Please note that you will receive instructions on where and how to fax your document only after you have completed and signed the entire contract. Do not fax your documents to the Erickson main fax number. Only fax to the number provided in the instructions & cover sheet.

After you have completed and submitted the entire contract, a screen will pop up with instructions on where and how to fax your document. Click “Get Cover Page”, which will download a document to your computer. Open this document and follow the instructions provided. Make sure to include the provided cover page when faxing your document. Do not fax your document to any other number other than the number provided on this document. 


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