Accessing MP3 Recordings On An iPhone

If you'd like to listen to MP3 audio recordings on your phone, there are two ways that you can do this.
    1. Download MP3 files to your phone. Click into your class. Scroll down until you see the following… 
      All of the recordings are there in MP3 format. Click the yellow “Download File” buttons on each recording, which will download the MP3 files to your computer. Add the files into your iTunes library, create a playlist with those recordings, then sync the playlist with your phone.
    2. Log into the HUB from your phone's web browser. 
      As above, log into the HUB using your phone's web browser and find the audio files. You can play these files directly from your phone. IMPORTANT NOTE: Charges may apply. This method will use your phone's data, as the files will stream to your phone - they are not downloaded. It is important that you connect to wifi and also check your data rates with your mobile phone service provider before proceeding.
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