Using The HUB Blog Feature

How To Use The Blog

Blogging in the HUB is a way for Erickson students, Alumni, trainers and staff to find each other, communicate, share learning experiences, and to practice coaching all over the globe.

To view existing blogs;

  1. Go to the left navigation bar in the HUB.
  2. Chose ‘Site Pages’ and ‘Site Blogs’ and you’ll get an invitation from us to join the blogging community of Erickson College.
  3. To start blogging, simply click ‘add a new entry’ at the top of the page or go to ‘My profile’. Choose ‘Blogs’ and ‘Add a new entry’. 
  4. Type and format your blog post.
  5. Select who you want to see the post in the "Publish To" drop down menu.
  6. Click "Save Entry"


Formatting Your Post

The body entry field is a full HTML, so you can apply formatting and provide links to external resources such as websites. You can also attach documents such as pictures, videos, MS Word Documents, or PDF documents.



If you’re blogging about a specific topic and you want your blog post to be tagged together with others of the same topic, type in tags (keywords) separated with comas so other users who are searching for the same topic can find your post easily.


Editing Your Post

When you click ‘save entry’, it appears on your screen. When the post is published, you have options to reedit, delete or permalink it. Permalinking means that this post will always appear o the top of your blogging feed.

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