How Do I Change My Profile?

Changing & Editing Your Profile

Here's how you can change or edit your profile settings in the HUB; 

  1. Click "My Profile Settings" in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click "Edit Profile".
  3. Edit your profile (more info below).
  4. Click "Update Profile".


Profile Setting Options

Here is more information about the various options within profile settings page;


Name & Email

‘First name’ and ‘last name’ are preset for you as well as your email address. These are required fields.


Email Display

Choose whether or not other HUB students are able to see your email address. You can:

  • Hide your email address from everyone
  • Allow everyone to see your email address
  • Allow only other course members to see your email address


Email Format

Sets up the way emails come to you. HTML is recommended as plain text will not include any pictures or images.

  • Plain text format
  • Pretty HTML format


Email Digest

Choose what type of emails you will receive from the HUB. You can select;

  • No digest (single email per forum post) - You’ll receive an email every time another user posts something on any forum that you are subscribed to.
  • Complete (daily email with full posts) - one email per day with all updates.
  • Subjects (daily email with subjects only) - Choose one or more topics and receive one email daily with all updates on these topics.


Forum Auto-Subscribe

When you post in a forum, do you want to be subscribed to that forum automatically in order to receive any updates in that forum?

  • Yes - Shen I post, subscribe me to that forum
  • No - Don't automatically subscribe me to forums


Forum Tracking

This will help keep track of which posts you have read and which ones you have not yet seen.

  • No - Don't keep track of posts I have seen
  • Yes - Highlight new posts for me


When Editing Text

Choose how you would like to edit text within the HUB. HTML is recommended.

  • Use standard web forms - Simple text format for all forum posts.
  • Use HTML editor. - Allows you to format your posts (Bold, Underline, Colour, Links, etc.)


City & Country

These are required fields. Please select the appropriate city and country for your location.



Please set your timezone for your location. This will help ensure that your posts and submissions are marked according to the time in your own timezone.


Preferred Language

This indicates which language you would prefer to receive communication. At this time, Erickson only provides HUB communication in English.



Type or copy & paste your bio, or a general description about yourself that will be available for other Erickson Hub users (credentials, niche, publications, your personal web site address, etc.)


User Picture

Allow other Erickson HUB users and your fellow classmates to see what you look like! Your picture will appear on your profile and forum posts.

  1. Click "User Picture".
  2. Drag and drop a picture onto the blue arrow, or click the "Add..." button on the top left corner of the window to search for a file.
  3. Type your full name into the "Picture Description" box.



Interests section allows you to let other students know about your special interests, proficiencies and hobbies. Please type words, separated by commas, here and they will act as tags for forum posts.



Fill in the fields with links to your social media profiles. They will appear on your Erickson Hub profile page. Sharing this contact information might be valuable when setting up triads, exchanging partners in triads, practicing coaching or outside study sessions.



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