What Equipment Do I Need For WebEx Classes?

Erickson Coaching uses WebEx for online courses. You will be required to log into WebEx in order to attend a live online class, as well as to access recordings of classes.

 What Do I Need?

A computer with a reliable internet connection.
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A microphone and earphones or headset.

You will not be able to use your computer speakers as this will cause a technical issue called “feedback” which affects the quality of the session for all students.


Telephone Access.

If your computer audio doesn't work, you can always log in using a telephone as well. Please note that telephone and/or long distance charges may apply. Please check with your phone service provider before calling.


If you have any questions about what equipment you need for your WebEx session, please call WebEx Support directly at 1-866-229-3239.


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Android & iOS

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